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Author Topic: Glenfich ilvl 382 pally tank  (Read 3184 times)
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« on: January 13, 2012, 06:01:57 AM »

A.  Character Information:

1.  Character Name: Glenfich
1a.  Class: Human
1b.  Spec: Protection
1c.  Please provide a hyperlink to your profile:

2.  Viable Alts: mage/hunter 85s Allpha and sylvvana

3.  Account Use

3a.  Are you the sole user of your account?  If no, explain.

3b.  Are you the original owner of the account?  If no, explain.

B.  Personal Information:

1.  Your age: 27

2.  Availability - We currently raid 25s from 6-10 ST on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (required), with Weds left open for 10s (not required), can you commit to attending at least 80% of these raids?  If not, *please do not apply. yes am available those times

3.  Do you know anyone in guild that can vouch for your skills and/or dedication?  If so, who?  Please note that this is not a requirement for applying and/or being accepted as an initiate.
*not that i know
C.  UI Information:

1.  What addons/mods do you have installed?  List them and briefly explain why you use them.
*bartender 4/dbm/grid those are teh only addons am currently running i don't really use that many lol

1a.  Please keep in mind we will require you to have certain mods, including: DBM, Omen and Ventrilo.  You must keep these required addons up to date.
*i have dbm i have ventrilo all updated and i can get omen if require no problem

1b.  Do you have a working microphone?
*yes i do

2.  Playstyle - are you a mouse clicker, keybinder or mouthbreather?  Why does whatever you do suit you best?
* mouse clicker lol no special reason

D.  General WOW Information:

1.  When did you start playing WOW?
* i started playing back in the good old days in 2005!!! 40man raids ftw!!

2.  How much time have you invested into the toon you are applying with (/played)?
* well this is one of my first toons but i stopped playing it for a while but i been playing him for a very long time

3.  Why do you like playing as the toon you are applying with?
* becuase he is a beast!! lol j/k eh well idk i just love tanking is fun to tank you know going in first and get your face beat up by a huge ass mob and survive it makes you feel unstoppable lol :p

4.  What is your previous raiding experience?  Be specific about normal vs. hard modes.  Start with listing everything you've successfully completed and then let us know what raids you have specifically taken the toon you are applying with through.
*ehh done all the 40man raids i did all outlands all of wrath in 10man with the exception of icc i only did about 5 bosses because i took a break around the time icc came out for personal issues and currently done all fireland in 10man, 10man DS done 3/8 and 25man DS LFR 8/8  all raids in normal i never got the chance to do hardmods

5.  How did you hear about Stehlen Life?
*i posted i was looking for a raiding guild and malachi directed me to the website to app

6.  If applicable, why are you leaving your former guild?
* am in no current guild with this toon my mage is the only one in a guild but am not raiding with them, there are no spots available at the moment for me to raid.

E.  Dedication Information:

1.  How much do you "theorycraft"?  When itemizing, what stats do you focus on when selecting upgrades/gems/enchants, and why?
*well as a tank i try to get my dodge/parry capped then i go all mastery the reason i do that is so i have a good medigation %

2.  Tell us something about your toon that you do with them that you think sets you apart from others that play the same class and spec.
*well i like to move fast when running intances/raids everyone knows what we doing then i like to move abit fast am still use to the 40man raid style of playing you know.

3.  Are you willing to drop gathering professions for raiding professions?  For instance, dropping skinning for jewelcrafting.
*yes i can do it i wouldn't mind.

4.  Do you consider yourself to be at the top of your game?  What I mean is, are you squeezing everything you can out of your toon?  Getting as much DPS or HPS or tanking to the best of, not your, but your toon's abilities?  If you're not, why?  Please note that if you know the answer to this question is "no," we are not looking to carry anyone in this guild or teach anyone how to play their relevant class and spec.
*yes am on top of my game i like to think so all the time i try to learn fights and strag as much as i can and as fast as i can.

4a.  Post us a parse if possible.  If none is available, explain what kind of DPS or HPS you generally put out.
*ehh my dps is not that high at the moment on my offset... but i pull about 12k to 15k dps not OS is not fully geared yet

5.  How do you feel about coming to progression content without raid materials?  Are you willing to spend some of your down time farming the gold or materials necessary to keep up with your raiding material needs?
*yes i can do that if is needed ill do that.

F.  Finale

1.  Stehlen Life is a guild populated by people of all sorts.  Ventrilo and Guild chat are, quite often, populated with humor that may run from the nursery to the bathroom.  Are you easily offended?
*no am not offended easily unless the mother word comes in the conversation, i can take all the jokes in the world but when it comes to the word mother i just don't like it.

2.  Joke - Please tell us a joke that you think is funny and original.
*haha i wish i could give you one am not much of a joke kind of person lol sorry Sad not saying am not funny i like to have fun but i just don't have jokes on me
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Please send me or Malachi a tell in game, we'd like to get you in for an app run. TY!
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